Links to images of Chief Constable's Register (Special Branch)

The links below are to images of pages of the Chief Constable's Register, a historical document covering the period 1888-1892, stated to have been destroyed in 2014 by the Metropolitan Police because it was "deemed to be of no policing purpose".

The linked images are hosted on two blogs: Research notes Felicity Lowde and Felicity Lowde's Research.

For each image, the first column indicates the range of the alphabet covered and the second gives a rough estimate of the period covered, based on the references to folio numbers in the correspondence register.

(1)AnFeb 1890-Apr 1892
(2)Al-AnMay 1888-Dec 1889
(3)Ad-AtJun 1888-Nov 1888
(4)Ab-AnMay 1890-Jul 1890
(5)An-AvFeb 1892-Apr 1892
(6)Ba-BrJul 1890-Sep 1890(three redactions)
(7)Ba-BrJan 1892-Apr1892
(9)Be-BrApr 1890-Jul 1890
(10)Be-BrJan 1892-Mar 1892
(11)Br-BuJul 1889-Oct 1889
(12)C-ClMay 1888-Sep 1888
(13)Ca-CrDec 1888-Jan 1889
(14)Ch-CrJun 1889
(15)Ca-ClOct 1889-Feb 1890
(16)Co-CrJul 1890-Sep 1890
(17)CoJul 1891-Dec 1891
(18)Ch-CuNov 1888-Mar 1889
(19)D-DrApr 1888-Sep 1889
(20)ExDec 1889
(21)ExJan 1892-Mar 1892
(22)F-FrApr 1888-Mar 1889
(23)Ge-GrApr 1888-Sep 1889(overlaps next image)
(24)GeJun 1889-Dec 1889(overlaps previous image)
(25)Gi-GuJun 1888-Jul 1890
(26)Go-GrSep 1890-Aug 1891
(27)HiMar 1889-Jul 1890
(28)HuAug 1889-Apr 1890
(30)IrMar 1890-Aug 1890
(31)Im-IrApr 1888-Dec 1889
(32)In-JeJun 1888-Jan 1889
(33)In-JeJan 1889-Jul 1891
(34)JeAug 1890-Oct 1891
(35)K-KrAug 1889-Aug 1891
(36)Ke-KlApr 1888-Sep 1889(two redactions; the next image shows part of this, unredacted but at lower resolution)
(37)Ke-KlApr 1888-Sep 1889(included in the previous image, redacted but at higher resolution)
(38)Ke-KrNov 1889-Aug 1890
(39)LeApr 1888-Jul 1889
(40)LeJun 1891-Oct 1891
(41)LiJul 1888-Nov 1888(two redactions)
(42)LiJan 1889-Aug 1889
(43)LiSep 1889-Aug 1890
(44)LiAug 1890-Apr 1892
(45)Ll-LoMay 1888-Jun 1889
(46)M-MaDec 1888
(47)MeMay 1888-Jun 1889(one redaction; next image shows part of this, unredacted)
(48)MeMay 1888-Dec 1888(part of previous image, but unredacted)
(49)MeApr 1889-Feb 1890
(50)MeJul 1890-Mar 1891
(51)MeMar 1891-Sept 1891
(52)MeSept 1891-Mar 1892
(53)Me-MoNov 1889-Mar 1892
(54)MiJul 1888-Oct 1888
(55)MiFeb 1891-Apr 1892
(56)MoApr 1888-Sep 1888
(57)MoSep 1888-Mar 1889
(58)MoMar 1889-Nov 1889
(59)MoSep 1890-Dec 1890
(60)MoJul 1891-Apr 1892
(61)MoFeb 1892-Apr 1892
(62)McSep 1888-Jan 1889
(64)MuMay 1891-Feb 1892
(65)Ph-PrJun 1888-Dec 1888
(66)ReDec 1888-Jun 1889
(67)RiOct 1888-Sep 1890
(68)RoAug 1888
(69)RoOct 1889-Nov 1891
(70)RoDec 1888-Sep 1889
(71)RoMay 1888-Dec 1888
(72)Sa-StApr 1888-Jun 1888
(73)Sa-SwJul 1888-Sep 1888
(74)Sc-StOct 1888-Jan 1889
(75)Sa-StFeb 1889-Sep 1889
(76)Sc-StJul 1890-Apr 1892
(77)Se-SwJul 1890-Oct 1890
(78)Ta-TrJan 1889-Mar 1891
(79)W-WhApr 1888-Apr 1890
(80)Wh-WrApr 1888-Jan 1889
(81)WoJul 1888-Jun 1889